Mr. Sitanshu Kumar

Born on Jan 26, 1960. Post Graduate in Hindi Literature, By Profession Bank Manager, Muscular Dystrophy Sufferer and a wheelchair user.
“SHASHWAT JIGYASA” came into existence on 30th of December, 2009 with a heartily wish to work for the welfare of the individuals, society, country and world with dedication, vast vision, honesty & firm determination in its roots.

To make children & adults aware of environmental safety & conservation is also included in our agenda. Our dream is to make each and every person with any type of disability self dependent & confident.

We are determined to bring the persons facing various types of mental and physical challenges into main stream. Often the close relatives and family members are deeply disappointed. ”Shashwat Jigyasa” owes the responsibility to put its best efforts to suggest a positive way to live.

Awareness has a very important role in our lives especially when we are trying to help the person with disability. We never want to miss a single chance to serve the people in this regard. Conducting continuous workshops, seminars and other ways to educate the people, are adopted by the organization. ”Shashwat Jigyasa” organisation understands the importance of a barrier free environment, Education and the inclusion of persons with disabilities in society. Shashwat Jigyasa is putting its serious efforts to change the scene. ”Shashwat Jigyasa” provides helping equipments to make the life of differently abled persons easier. Organisation is committed to provide school fees to poor children whenever required.

Shashwat Jigyasa believes that every special child has unlimited potential and creativity. No one is now disabled.

Actually they are specially abled or differently abled. Keeping this in view, the organisation regularly organises the programmes like ‘fun with knowledge’, painting competitions, handicraft learning workshops, know the nature, play with clay and many more to enhance and to expose the creativity and talents of specially abled children and persons.

Rehabilitation of such people is not possible without their financial independency and Shashwat Jigyasa understands it well. The Organisation conducts regular employment oriented training workshops. ”Shashwat Jigyasa” helps also in marketing of products prepared by them without taking any charge or profit for itself.

“Shashwat Jigyasa” is making efforts untiredly to minimise the disability percentage. Organisation conducts the awareness programmes focusing on the complications during pregnancy and possibilities of minimisation.

Shakun Srivastava

Born on Apr 1, 1938. Housewife and Social worker.

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Jigyasa Srivastava

Born on May 21, 1988. Masters of Business administration. By profession Human Resource Consultant.

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“Shashwat Jigyasa” also believes that pollution plays a dangerous role in increasing the disabilities. So, Organisation always encourages plantation. “Shashwat Jigyasa” welcomes the guest by gifting plants to them. The organisation distributes plants free of cost in its each programme.



Our Mission and Aim is to build up a society which can install and develop self confidence among the persons with Disabilities and remove doubts in their own capabilities so that they can live with self respect and self confidence. Also they can become self dependent and self employed which lead them to spend a normal life.